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How Much Does Urgent Care Cost?

Urgent care will cost you less than a trip to the emergency room, but you still may find yourself shelling out hundreds of dollars for treatment. The average cost of urgent care is around $150, but the average increases depending on the condition. Fortunately, our sister site PlushCare’s virtual services make getting urgent care affordable for everyone. PlushCare’s appointments cost an average of less than $25 with insurance and only $99 for those without insurance. That’s much less than you can expect to pay in-person at an urgent care center.

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What Online Urgent Care Can Treat

Below are just a few of the things online doctors have experience treating:

Dental infection
Ear infections
Pink eye
Stomach issues
Sinus infections
Strep throat
Yeast infections

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an urgent care center?

For a long time, hospitals were the main way people sought professional care for their medical needs. If you suffered an accident, you might’ve gone to a hospital’s emergency room to receive immediate treatment. However, there are many injuries and conditions that need quick treatment but don’t merit the cost or resources of an emergency room. Urgent care centers are an increasingly popular way to bridge this gap. At urgent care, you’ll receive treatment for non-emergency issues that require timely care. Urgent care is a less expensive choice that lets you skip the busy emergency room to get the treatment you need.

Where is urgent care near me?

To find urgent care near you, try searching the web for urgent care centers near your location. However, no urgent care center is closer than the one at your fingertips. EverydayDr’s partner PlushCare offers urgent care online appointments, you’ll be connected with a doctor right from the comfort of your own home in as little as 15 minutes.

Can I go to urgent care for anxiety?

Intense anxiety and panic symptoms can be deeply upsetting and scary. If you are suffering from intense physical symptoms brought on by anxiety, you may benefit from seeking urgent care treatment online. Anxiety and panic attacks are not a medical emergency and there is not much an urgent care center can do for you in-person, that said, online doctors are a great alternative. EverydayDr is proud to partner with PlushCare to bring you the mental health services you need online. With PlushCare, you can seek urgent care treatment for a panic attack or book an online therapy appointment with one the licensed therapists available on PlushCare’s site.

What’s the difference between urgent care vs doctor?

Urgent care is better suited for non-emergency issues that need timely treatment, like an infection. On the other hand, primary care doctors are best for help with chronic conditions, referrals to specialists, and serving as the focal point for your ongoing health care needs over time. Our trusted partner PlushCare offers both urgent and primary care.

When should I not go to urgent care?

If you are experiencing a serious medical emergency skip urgent care and go to an emergency room. An emergency room is a better choice than urgent care for things like chest pain, trouble breathing, signs of stroke, blunt trauma, severe abdominal pain, motor vehicle accidents, broken bones, head injuries, high fevers, seizures, burns, and uncontrollable breathing. If you have an infection like a UTI, sinus infection, ear infection, or another problem that is not an emergency, urgent care is a good option. Keep in mind that most urgent care issues can also be treated online. Online urgent care is faster and more affordable.

Can you go to urgent care without health insurance?

Yes! You can go to urgent care without insurance and receive treatment. You will be expected to pay out of pocket for your treatment. Online urgent care with our telehealth partner PlushCare costs a flat rate of just $99 for those without insurance, this is much more affordable compared to the hundreds you will have to shell out to get urgent care from an in-person clinic.

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