How Can I Get Back Pain Treatment Online?

When you book an appointment with PlushCare, you’ll be connected to a doctor right from your phone or computer. During your virtual appointment, you can discuss your symptoms with your doctor, receive a diagnosis, and begin on a treatment plan. If your doctor believes you need medication, they can write a prescription for you to pick up at you local pharmacy

What is Telehealth?

What Are Back Pain Treatments I Can Get Online?

Treating back pain requires treating the underlying cause of the pain. As such, an online doctor can provide a variety of treatments depending on your individual needs. Whether it’s teaching you specific stretches to improve your posture or providing any necessary medications, online doctors are perfect for helping you get relief from back pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes back pain?

Back pain is extremely common and has a wide variety of causes including age, lack of exercise, excess weight, certain diseases and conditions, improper lifting techniques, smoking, injury, and some psychological conditions. To find out what is causing your back pain, speak to a doctor.

What are back pain symptoms?

Back pain is the general term used to describe dull or acute discomfort anywhere on the back. Symptoms of back pain will vary depending on the cause and location of the pain. You may experience a dull muscle ache, shooting or stabbing pain, pain that travels down one or both legs, pain when sitting, standing or lying down, or reduced range of motion.

How do I know if my back pain is serious?

Sometimes, back pain can relieve itself without a professional diagnosis or active treatment. However, back pain may also be the sign of severe physical damage or a life-threatening condition. As such, you need to know when to see a doctor for back pain. It’s time to seek professional help if your back pain causes bowel problems, follows a fall or blow to the area, is severe and doesn’t improve over a few days, shoots down into your legs, causes numbness or tingling, or is accompanied by abnormal weight loss. 

What can I do to relieve my back pain at home?

Typical at home treatments for back pain include stretching that targets the muscles in your back, relaxation and deep breathing techniques, over the counter pain relievers, hot and cold packs, and massage.

How should I lay with lower back pain?

There are a number of recommended sleeping positions for those suffering from lower back pain. Some are as simple as placing an extra pillow beneath the knees when laying on your back or in between your legs if you sleep on your side.

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